Zest is a decentralized crowdfunded syndicate which offers indirect access to high-quality tech venture funds via our “Z Token”.

Z Tokens represent a person’s stake in our crypto-syndicate. When fiat is returned to Zest, it is used to buy back Z Tokens from the exchange at market price, presenting a mass liquidation event for the holders. Repurchased tokens are then burned and permanently removed from circulation, continually decreasing the total amount of tokens available.

Zest proposes the first ‘decentralized syndicate’ which aims to break through these walls of inaccessibility. Zest disrupts the traditional boundaries by using a cryptocurrency as a medium of exchange into a venture capital fund. The project is structured as a syndicate where token holders gain access to some of the most exclusive deal flow that exists, all the while adhering to the general syndication frameworks that have existed prior. By pooling capital together, Zest is able to access these funds as a single participant.

We have partnered with LATOKEN to offer a public Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) in order to distribute these tokens both fairly and efficiently. Each Zest token (Z) potentially represents an individual's partial stake in the syndication. The cryptocurrency gathered during the offering is turned into fiat currency and put into several different high-end funds.

For quality assurance, the fund allocation can be easily altered as seen necessary by the in-house comptroller


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White Paper

ICO information

Start Date
2019-06-17 00:00:00
End Date
2019-12-17 23:55:00
Soft Cap
Hard Cap
Initial Price
0.0100 USD
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