We have built a blockchain digital instant reward settlement platform that links up the enterprises and retailers. As a result, users can use their loyalty points, gift vouchers and cryptocurrencies to redeem or pay goodies at offline retailers and online service providers. alaToken is the medium for all redemption and payment which is secured and transparent.

We started a B2B digital voucher redemption service provider business since 2015 in China. Our mission is to make loyalty point and gift voucher being used like a currency. As a result, a redemption & settlement platform, called alaDing (阿拉订), was developed using mobile internet technology and allow user to redeem almost anything under the sky. As blockchain has emerged as a good technology, we are upgrading the platform and therefore Atlas project is born.

Atlas platform aggregates all the various loyalty point and gift voucher from enterprise such as bank, insurance company, telecoms, airline, corporation etc. At the same time, we integrate with offline retailer’s POS (Point of Sales) system and online service provider. Offline retailer includes convenience store, supermarket, store chain etc. and online service provider includes online store, value-added service such as mobile phone top-up, utility bill, ticketing, traffic fine etc.

Through Atlas digital voucher, enterprise’s user can use his/her loyalty point and gift voucher to redeem both offline and online goods and services. Our strength is in the convenience store and supermarket where immediate gratification is achieved as compared to waiting for days for online goods to be delivered.

This business has grown rapidly and reaches about US$ 4 million (RMB 28 million) of monthly revenue recently. This is in contrast of about US$ 206,000 (RMB 1.4 million) of monthly revenue in 2015.


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Start Date
2019-07-01 00:00:00
End Date
2019-09-07 23:55:00
Soft Cap
16,000,000 USD
Hard Cap
21,000,000 USD
Initial Price
0.0500 USD
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