ValPromise is committed to build a blockchain-based, distributed value promise contract release-trading platform. Being widely applied in insurance, financial derivatives, forecasting services and other areas, ValPromise aim to solve multi-variety and cross-region risk management issues on a global scale.

Distributed smart contract
Distributed smart contract will upgrade one-to-one paper contracts offline or centralized electronic contract signing mode in traditional derivatives market to smart contract signing mode on blockchain. With these characteristics of programmability and execution automatically, the problem of credit risk from trades will be well solved.

Unified trading medium
VPP promise token is the only trading medium supported by the platform, all legal coins and digital currency need to be converted into VPP in the secondary market first. The unified trading medium will break limitations of the type of currency and different regions with better access to global markets.

Decentralized mechanism in contract creation Enable anyone or organizations to establish a promise template for themselves and others to use. "Massive intelligence" will be adopted in the decentralized mechanism to meet needs of all parties. There are highly personalized and efficient promise contracts in ValPromise ecosystem.

Self-certification on the data chain
Objective data indicators (like weather data) anchored in ValPromise contracts are written to the block once acquired. No one can tamper the data due to self-certification mechanism on the data chain.

Layered design
On the underlying blockchain, the contract\'s definition, trading function and vertical scene are separated by hierarchical design.

Mobile platform
The development of front-end applications suitable for Mobile ad IOT. The lower costs via blockchain will attract more participants in ValPromise.


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