Definitely not a trend. The technology will set new directions for the fashion industry, decentralise its core businesses and create and maintain a community regulated ecosystem. The dresscode™ protocol supports both the originality of items on the one hand, and businesses and community on the other, all interwoven with simplicity, automation and a decentralising influence on the fashion community.

Like a limited-edition sneaker, the fixed number of Bitcoins – an estimated 21 million – only serves to further boost their soaring value. Bitcoins are “mined” by solving increasingly complex mathematical problems, which means that they are becoming more troublesome and expensive to produce as the supply dwindles. On this premise we have built a project that connects the two industries, namely fashion and the blockchain industry, which will achieve the project’s goals through development of the platform.

This venture we call Projectdresscode, which represents the most basic consolidation of a dress and a code and the fundamental function of fashion, which has always been used to demonstrate that cultural codes are there to be used and abused. Fashion has always gone against the grain of mainstream culture, whose principal defining characteristic, according to Barthes, is a tendency to translate the reality of the world into an image of the world which in turn presents itself as if composed according to “the evident laws of the natural order” (Barthes, 1972).

We are creating a platform the builds on the reality of a limited edition fashion frenzy on the blockchain, which with a help of the latest technology, authenticates, certifies and traces; and in so doing enables the community to buy/sell, bid/ask for the most sought after objects of desire. The main goals of the venture are:

to make products traceable
detect counterfeits and build users’ trust when purchasing pre-owned items
reduce the loss in value of pre-owned items
increase sales of certified blockchain wear
automatic transfer of ownership rights
expedite payments and add a user-friendly payment option
and create the ultimate, shopping tool ready for implementation in existing online and offline stores


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