The first blockchain-based trust protocol for global employability

Great results in the future mainly depend on performance oriented, time efficient, and community-driven ecosystems of knowledge sharing, coworking, and value creation as it enables everyone within an organization to unlock their full potential and continue to grow without borders at a zero-risk level.

Due to the inability of existing education and consulting entities to effectively cope with the growing demand for AI, IoT and blockchain specialists, and everyday challenges, we decided to create global blockchain-based employability protocol called ECTA (Efficient Collaboration Team Autonomous). ECTA brings a whole new level of co-working, team building, and payment solutions for unbanked, aimed at establishing direct, safe and productive relationship between the developers on one side and on another side individuals striving to realize their idea, companies seeking undiscovered talents worldwide, educational institutions recognizing the trends in 4th industrial revolution in a timely manner, and investors recognizing genuine projects.

The mission of the ECTA protocol is to increase time & payment efficiency, establish genuine relationships, and discover talents from low-middle income countries by leveraging on its unique technical solution fueled by AI algorithms of a previously created smart solutions and all that in the synergy with Ethereum based smart contract to make the product scalable.

The primary goal of the protocol in this case is to improve an overall hectic situation in the 4 th industrial revolution within vital areas such as “learning by doing” education, knowledge sharing, reputation uncertainty, unreasonable growing middleman fees, and investment transparency while taking part in:

- The development of AI, IoT, and blockchain projects - Striving to launch an appropriate ICO campaign or any other startup project - Aiming to contribute to active ideas using ECTA information about projects and developers and as a startup contributor to make safer investment decisions (ECTA Due Diligence)


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