Success Stories RSK Conference Tokyo

Henry Sraigman
Head of Business Development at RSK Labs
hello everybody good afternoonKonnichiwa it is a great pleasure to be
here with you today my name is HenryI'm the chief business developer for our
escape and not everything is technologyhere the idea is to share a little bit
with you what we have been doing for thelast couple of years as as we have been
talking the entire morning beacon is thecornerstone of a new type of a new type
of Internet this is what we have seenwhen the Internet in the 90s information
and communications have beendecentralized internet change it shifted
Bitcoin is the stepping stone of a newtype of internet the idea here is to
share with you the success stories whatwe have been working on on the last
couple of years we are a Latin Americancompany we have been working with the
largest banks and companies in LatinAmerica and Europe is the idea here is
to share with you a little bit of thoseuse cases we had the opportunity to
travel to Dubai and work with thegovernment the ruler of Dubai the Sheikh
has a very interesting vision of havinga paperless government by 2020 so we had
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