What’s next for the retail crypto investor? A Fireside chat with Bill Barhydt, CEO of Abra part 3 Crypto Invest Summit Los Angeles

Bill Barhydt
Founder & CEO at Abra

Scott Walker
Managing Partner at Wavemaker Genesis & DNA
my hand up right therewhy what's your it's the same spar
contract that she's been holding allalong and so the keys to the Bitcoin if
she's using u.s. dollars in her walletsimply say if the price of Bitcoin goes
down like it did in january/februaryshe's receiving more Bitcoin to make her
position hold back $200 and that's themagic of you know whatever was created
it's extremely complex in terms of themechanics behind the scenes but I can
assure you that the price was falling inJanuary in February we didn't lose a
penny and that's ethically the mostimportant message that I can give you
because if you felt like you were takingmassive counterparty risk by storing
those funds in ávila I wouldn't actuallygave the call it a dollar I'd have to
call it some fancy derivative contractposition
to call it a dollar even though it's asynthetic dollar because I know that I'm
going to be able to make technology yeahgood question the question makes me will
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