Trilliant - interview with Sebastian Korbach

Sebastian Korbach
Founder & CEO at
Could you introduce yourself, and your project?
Of cause. First of all, (Japanese greeting) So I'm... my name is
Sebastian. I'm from Germany, and I am the CEO and founder of Trilliant, and we are
the first company that creates a Germanand European cryptocurrency ATM network,
and make that available for investors of the public.
So what's your vision, and why did you decide to make your company?
I mean... first of all, crypto ATMs areprobably one of the most lucrativebusinesses in the blockchain world,
and there are still very a few out there andif you consider that crypto has to go
mainstream then you should see one ofthese ATM at every corner, and we want to be there
we want to build a network and we want to release whatever you sharing a agreement for
the people can actually purchase partsof our revenue, and make profit from our success.
So who is your competitor, and why are you special?
we don't really have competitors in whatwe do, because these competitors on the
production side that manufacture ATMs.And there's competitors on the site that
actually run the ATMs, but there's nobodythat actually makes that available for
investors and for the public they're allprivate businesses.
Could you tell me about what stage are in your ICO now?
So we are currently in the private pre-sale. We've raised about half a million from private investors
and friends and family offices, and theofficial public pre-sale will start on May 27.
And we will be selling TRIL tokens,and the TRIL token is actually the
currency that will pay for a transactionfees at the ATM, and you can pay us TRIL
tokens back to the company and for thatwe release you the revenue sharing
contracts which are Off-blockchain papercontracts written and signed by us, and
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