Vres - interview with Jeffrey Rowe Vres

Jeffrey Rowe
COO at Vres
Hi. Please introduce yourself.
Sure. My name is Jeffrey row.I'm a Canadian that's a base between
Tokyo and Vancouver in Canada. I am theCOO of the VRS project. I am basically a
crypto investor, a blockchain freak and Iwas super excited when I was asked to be
involved with this project because Iknow the interest in the world of this space.
Please tell us what VRS is like?
VRS! Well, VR everyone knows means virtualreality. We are taking virtual reality
and bringing this element of eSportsalong with it.
Now we're also marrying that withblockchain technology using smart
contracts integrating it within theplatform.
So basically we're trying to make itsimple for people to get into our
platform and get into this immersiveenvironment and host tournaments
I guess play a bunch of different typesof games whether it's 1 vs. 1 or team
vs. team and an interesting piece of allof this is that we have a bunch of
different ways that we can use thetokens within the platform. And so you
obviously are able to play games, entryfees stuff like this outside of that you
can bet within that system on theresults the outcomes of that stuff. Users
can create their own tournaments withinthe platform and that's something we
don't see too too much in game platformsright now there's going to be all sorts
of sponsor related tournaments officialtournaments that VRS is going to host
and also we're using this blockchaintech to take the results of all the
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