BEACHHEAD 2020 - interview with Pepe Moreno and Alexis Sirkia

Pepe Moreno, Founder & CEO at BEACHHEAD
Alexis Sirkia, CTO at BEACHHEAD
Please explain us when you guys are going to start your project and about your vision?
Well, this is called BEACH HEAD. The name is here.The BEACH HEAD name comes from a game.
There was pretty popular about 15,16 years ago as BEACH HEAD was 2000. Number one in China, number
one in the arcades. We were gonna do thenext iteration of the game which is big
step to 2020. But, because we didn't do anvirtual reality, we wanted to transcend the
idea of gaming. And we wanted to expandit to create a parallel universe.
As this says, it's like an alternate reality.The beauty about virtual reality which
is significant to us is that it's notlimited to time in space. So the idea is
that we can recreate anything in theworld within the parameters of virtual
reality. And that's from an economicequation is extraordinary. We figure that
by creating an alternative reality wherepeople does the same things that you do
in virtual reality but at a much lowerenter point, we open the opportunities
for everyone. We created a system forthe people to participate in. We're
going to inspire them and the sense thatwe want to show what we do. Then we're
going to provide users tools for them tobuild their own world or incidence.
So BEACH HEAD is a city. It's a city wherethe people they can go to the movies,
they can watch sports events, they can goto the Opera and this is things you can
already do in the city. It's alreadybeing built. You can go outside of the
city and play the game and defend thecity. But it's really all about the city
and the economics. You can be astudent in India attending a university
in the States and this is all what we'retrying to do with BEACH HEAD. And
everything is under light with acritical economic layer. So this is where
BEACH HEAD coin crumbs in. It allowseverything to be tradable for everything.
Let me show you this fora second. Within the BEACH HEAD world,
anything could happen.This is like a virtual reality, right?
So, we have no limitations on that space. We can have hockey game. We can have concert.
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