Metaverse - interview with Eric Gu

Eric Gu
Founder and CEO at Metaverse Foundation
nice meeting you, hi my name is Eric Gu
well I'm the founder of METAVERSE but before I got in
actually I got into the crypto spacekind of early in 2013
yeah so the moment I understand whatbitcoin is I was like okay I want to be
all in not only financially so I thoughtall my stocks and bought Bitcoin and
I decided to quit my job at and justjump by myself change my career into
you know funding a company called ViewFinso Metaverse is a project it's
a public blockchain so it's a infrastructurelayer blockchain so many of the decentralized
application can build on top of Metaverse yeah what Metaverse provides is
the lower level of support so we providenetwork security we provide network
consensus which is very important forblockchain and we provide tokenization
so people so applications can issuetokens on top of Metaverse and the
fourth thing very important is thedigital identity meaning your customer
of your clients of your decentralizedapplication could register a blocked an ID
so for any application that wants to build upon Metaverse you have security
consensus tokenization and identityso thats the whole packages so in this FinWise
show ground we have six orseven different projects that are actually
built upon Metaverse so that makes me very happy
yeah like say Parcel X and you haveit's a global parcel system so they use
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