Blockchain disruption to Global Supply Chain Vietnam Blockchain Week

3:05 What are characteristics of Blockchain?

4:59 From a government perspective - blockchain contributing and the digital agricultural sphere?

6:03 Using traditional non-blockchain systems, is it a question of thinking cheaper is more efficient and just more trusted of blockchain?

8:46 Blockchain is useful there were limitations on it, how did you overcome this?

12:13 What features of blockchain do you see as particularly appealing in this area?

14:19 Can you give any real-world use cases in Vietnam where it would benefit from a blockchain based system?

21:06 Is the data is committed to the blockchain is not fake?


Terry Chan
Chairman at HKeCSC

Darren Camas
Senior Advisor at Emurgo

Jessi Baker
Founder at Provenance

Leon Huang
Former Senior Expert at Alipay

Nguyễn Đức Tùng
Secretary General at DAA Vietnam

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