ASOBI COIN - interview with Sean Katsu Matsuda

Sean Katsu Matsuda
Chief Communication Officer at ASOBI COIN
Good morning. Good morning sir. Pleaseintroduce yourself and your company. Yes.
I'm a CEO for Asobi Coin andthen we are Japanese company. We just
started our pre-sale and then we're gonnacreate this tokens. OK.
Can you please explain more about Asobi Coin and what kind of project you are working on? Yes. We're working on a
secondary market for digital contentsmeaning like e-books, meaning like musics,
software and is used contents thatthere in a user has the right of these
contents. OK. So we try to make thissecondary market for the digital
contents. So like if I have a music, Idownload it, then it just ends it right
there. You cannot resale it again like a chair.
So it's going to be like
cannot sell it, right? Yeah. These tokens willbe used for the payment. For the payment. Yes.
OK, so can you please explain who is going to be your main customer?
Our main customer. First, I think it's gonna start with our
users. We are game development company called Asobimo and then we have millions
of users already and then these userswill buy Asobi coins and then another
special part is where we have the gamesout. We have 12 titles out for Google and
Apple Store and you could use thesetokens inside our games or at this Asobi
market. The secondary market, digitalmarket. It's very interesting. So they
can use your tokens not only on game butoutside the game, right? Yeah, exactly.
Can you please, I mean I'm a gamer bymyself so would like to
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